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Hebi city HSBC electric co., LTD. Is located in henan hebi city。The company since its establishment,Research has been focused on automotive connectors、Production、And advisory services、And provide customers with professional solutions。Products involved in automotive connector、Auto wiring harnesses、Precision mold、Automotive rubber products, etc,The company depends on the hebi information technology advantage、Efforts to develop car connector of the high-end market,Now and a number of automakers established a cooperative relationship,Success to provide product for them,Choose domestic development、Supporting the use of the integration of form a complete set of solutions,Welcome by customers。
    The company has a young、Professional、Actively、A united team。Dedicated to the automotive electrical manufacturing and innovation,Contribute to the development of China's automobile industry。
    Hebi city HSBC electrical co., LTD. Is located in hebi city economic and technological development zone。Production and sales of electronic connectors(Connectors)、The fuse box、Wiring harness、Tie kind of fasteners、Auto electric parts, etc。The company has advanced CNC edm machine tool、CNC wire cutting machine tools、Mould processing equipment such as CNC precision grinding machine,With full computer control precision horizontal injection molding machine、Vertical injection molding machine、High-speed punch press and other production equipment。Has the advanced products、Mold development level。About the quality of the product formation process control,The formalization of enterprise overall management、Specialization。
    The company now has employees80People,Among all kinds of technical personnel20People。Have college degree or above10People;The company has advanced management experience,Use of advanced and three analog design softwareERPManagement software。Now the faw、The east wind、Shanghai、Byd's main car factory or the main wiring harness factory etc。

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Hebi city HSBC electric co., LTD,Specialize in New product seriesTerminal seriesSheath series And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:03922168185

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